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IPONE X-TREM CHAIN OFFROAD is a lubricant that allows the chain to be thoroughly lubricated, while at the same time protecting it against corrosion. It has been developed for off-road motorcycles with the aim of limiting splatter and ensuring that it remains present for a long time under intense conditions. O/X/Z ring compatible.

IPONE CHAIN CLEANER is a solvent-based degreasing product that allows even the most stubborn grease to be dissolved, without damaging the O/X/Z rings. It can be used for road, off-road and quad bikes. Its multi-position diffuser combines the power of a jet with the precision of a spray.

IPONE CHAIN BRUSH is an essential tool for keeping your motorcycle chain spotless and running smooth. The multi-faceted, ergonomically-shaped brush is designed to clean all sides of the chain at the same time and in between links and rollers, minimising the need for future repair or replacement. 


Pack includes:

1 x 750ml massive can IPONE X-TREM CHAIN OFFROAD

1 x 750ml massive can IPONE CHAIN CLEANER


Ipone Chain Care Pack Off-Road 750mL

SKU: 800737
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