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  • Natural rubber rich
  • Awesome traction in a wide variety of conditions
  • Dimensions of an off road tyre to maintain the bikes handling characteristics
  • Each tread block has deep sypes for extra trials-like grip
  • Great wear life
  • Reversible Rear
  • DOT
  • For extreme grip, all hybrid tyres are available in Ultra Soft Gummy BFM compound.

*The image displayed is representative of the item but may vary depending on size or model specific details.

MOTOZ Mountain Hybrid

PriceFrom $119.94
  • Application - Hybrid Mid
    5% Road - 95% Off-Road

    Terrain Conditions.  All Weather Mountain / Technical Steep Single Track.

    Motoz invented the Hybrid tyre concept. In 2014 the Mountain Hybrid won multiple industry awards, including runner-up for Most Innovative Product of the Year (American International Motorcycle Expo  2014).

    The Mountain Hybrid Tyre has traction characteristics of a trials tyre, with the dimensions of a serious off road enduro tyre to maintain the bikes handling characteristics.

    For extreme grip, all hybrid tyres are available in Ultra Soft Gummy BFM compound.

    This new Hybrid concept in off-road tyres combines the DNA of a trials tyre and a serious off-road tyre.

    This new design concept works on a flexible tread concave and lock system, to give increased traction without the need to use a super soft rubber compound, while avoiding punctures at low inflation pressures. The MOTOZ Mountain Hybrid tyre climbs like a trials tyre, but handles corners, creek crossings, sand, and rocks like a regular DOT off-road tyre. Constructed like a trials tyre, but with reinforced sidewalls to allow lower inflation pressure when riding in off-road and mountain conditions.


    The Mountain Hybrid Gummy BFM Tyre is the Mountain Hybrid (hybrid enduro trials tyre), with our unique soft trials-like rubber compound (known as Gummy BFM).  Our unique Hybrid system with the added traction of the Gummy BFM rubber compound is the best of both worlds for extreme conditions.

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