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MOTOPRESSOR Pocket Tyre Pump by Rocky Creek Designs


This is a great little pump. ULTRA compact, this stripped-down pocket pump weighs in at only 570g. Built around a custom modified 12-volt inflator. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for in performance and functionality � which is what you really need when you�re stranded in the middle of nowhere.  


MotoPressor� has a 63cm long inflator hose with attached valve that fits all bikes. A long 2.65 metre SAE fused power cord comes with two adapters:  a direct connect for your battery and alligator clips, both with SAE connections. 


All this packs small into the included heavy-duty neoprene pouch.

  • The Pocket Pump will pump a front tyre (120/70 19) from flat to 35 psi in around 2 minutes 58 seconds and a rear tyre (170/60 17) to 35psi in around 4 minutes 30 seconds (Tests run on a 2015 BMW R1200GS LC).  MotoPressor Pocket Pump is capable of pumping over 100 psi! 
  • MotoPressor� can be used to inflate tyres, top off your air shocks, air forks, inflate airbeds or anything else, anywhere, anytime over and over again.  FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.
  • NOTE:  We recommend using the included  direct connect battery lead to power the pump.  If you choose to power the pump from an accessory socket or an existing lead, please check the socket will handle up to 15A.  The pump will pull between 8A and 11A at startup depending on the tyre pressure.

MOTOPRESSOR Pocket Tyre Pump

SKU: HL4426
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