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One day trip

An awesome day trip into North Canterbury suitable for intermediate riders or beginner riders with gravel experience. Once in North Canterbury the route trough Lees Valley is great gravel road, well maintained and easy to ride. The picturesque route takes us through farmland and forestry roads with a few farm gates and cattle stops chucked in for good measure. A nice little river crossing in the middle to test your water skills, (perfect for first time river crossings).

Ability: Intermediate

Time: Approx 5 hours

Total Distance: 204km 

Breakdown: 38% Seal, 62% Gravel

Total Ascent/Decent: 2588m

Max Elevation: 625m

The Route

From our depot near Christchurch Airport we travel a short distance on the motorway, heading north until crossing the Waimakariri River into North Canterbury. Following the river bank to Oxford we then jump onto the gravel and climb up and over into into Lees Valley. A nice flowing open gravel road along the valley floor takes us further north until we get to the Okuku River. This is an easy little river crossing suitable for a first time through flowing water. The picturesque route then takes us through farmland and forestry roads with a few farm gates chucked in for good measure. Exiting Lees Valley via Okuku Pass and Ashley forest we return to the depot via the Ashley River and main highway through Woodend. A great day adventure ride.



From $495 including bike hire

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